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Book the MCR

Terms and Conditions

1. Booking the MCR is, and has always been, a privilege of Murray Edwards MCR membership.

2. Bookers must submit a booking request to the Vice-President by filling in the MCR Booking Form at least seven days in advance of the required date.

3. If granted, they must put up a notice at the door of the MCR at least two days in advance, notifying the other graduates and the College cleaners of the booking (please include the type of the event and the time frame – the Vice-President will be happy to help with any questions).

4. It is the responsibility of the Vice-President to ensure that bookings are made when the MCR is not already in use for the following events, which take precedence:
a) MCR Committee meetings;
b) MCR-organised events;
c) After-formal socializing;
d) A prior booking;

5. Bookers can reasonably expect that:
a) the MCR will not be in use for any other organised purpose;
b) the facilities of the MCR (kitchen, DVD/Playstation etc.) will be free for the use of the Booker and her group;
c) other MCR Members will take note of and respect the booking.

6. It is the responsibility of the Booker to clean and tidy the MCR to a fit state afterwards, to wash and tidy away all cutlery, plates and glasses and to re-arrange any furniture moved.

7. The MCR must be vacated for general use by 11pm on the day of the booking.

8. The MCR has a maximum capacity of 50 people. The person(s) or group booking the MCR are responsible for ensuring that this capacity is not exceeded.

Book MCR Equipment

Equipment must be booked at least 7 days in advance.

Room Management System (RMS)

Follow the below link to report or track any maintenance problems or concerns.

For any further maintenance queries, please email the college maintenance team at

Always include your room number.

Student Card Top-up

Once filling in your Raven login details follow the link labelled EPOS to top up your account. This is also where you must top up your account when booking guests for formal hall.
You receive a 10% discount when paying using your student card.

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