Healthcare and Medical Contacts

College Nurse

The College has its own nurse. Her surgery times are pinned to her office door, at the bottom of the staircase next to the library. She is available to discuss any health issues relating to physical or mental health. While all students are asked to register with a doctor as soon as they arrive in Cambridge, the College nurse is often a very useful first point of contact.

You may contact Dee Williams, our current College nurse, by emailing her at or by calling (+44) 01223 762239.

Registering with a GP

All students should register with a GP on arrival in Cambridge, and should then provide the Tutorial Office with the name of their registered GP.

If a student has previously been registered with a doctor in the UK, they will need to present their NHS card or provide their NHS number when registering in Cambridge, and will also need to provide the name and address of their previous doctor. Information will also be required on medical history (including vaccinations). Overseas students who have never been registered in the UK should take their passports when registering. Huntingdon Road Surgery is adjacent to the College and many students register here. However, there are other surgeries with which students can register.  More information on local surgeries can be found on the NHS Choices Cambridge GP services website.

Dental services

The University Dental Service is able to provide NHS dental treatment to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Medical Taxi Scheme

Murray Edwards has a Medical Taxi Scheme (full details in PDF on the right), which can be authorised by the Nurse or one of the Tutors. A nominal charge for this scheme is added to the termly College bills for all undergraduates and postgraduates who live in College accommodation.  Taxis authorised under this scheme can be used for travel to emergency and scheduled medical appointments, as well as transport to lectures in the event of a temporary health problem that makes cycling or walking difficult.