The MCR Committee

MCR President 2018-19: Tamzin Byrne

A scientist and a journalist by training, I’m taking a Masters in Social Innovation at the business school to think about new forms of community organising and community partnerships. My research focuses on public trust in charities, particularly in the context of urban humanitarian disasters like the Grenfell fire or the Manchester Arena attack.

I’m your link to the College Council, as well as CUSU and the Graduate Union.

I 🖤 punting on the Cam, farming/cooking/eating, live music, tea and long feminist chats in the MCR.


MCR Vice-Presdient: Akhila Denduluri

Hello! I am Akhila, the current MCR Vice-President and a second year PhD student. I work on developing microfluidics-based platforms for applications in biology and medicine. I enjoy and cherish people’s stories and would love to hear more from all of you !!

Whether you live in the college, or drop by occasionally – we look forward to making Murray Edwards a home away from home for you to meet, chat, discuss, celebrate and create memories during your time at Cambridge!


Treasurer: Ana Gomes

Hi there! My name is Ana Gomes and I am currently an MPhil student in Development Studies. I completed my undergraduate studies at Edinburgh University and studied Chinese and Economics. As such, I have a special interest in the development of South East Asia, in particular China.As treasurer, my role is to make sure that the finances of the MCR are being looked after. This includes handling the accounts and making sure payments are made on time.

If you have any questions regarding the budgets of the MCR or even an idea that would require some financing don’t hesitate to contact me.  I am really looking forward to the year ahead, especially getting to know everyone better!


Secretary: Helen Caldwell

Hi! My name is Helen, and I’m studying an MPhil in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies. My research focuses on the ways in which we think about and construct gender on the internet. I’m the Secretary of the MCR, working to make sure communication happens across the MCR with all of its members. I’m thrilled to be in such a welcoming, supportive space like Murray Edwards and hope to make sure everyone feels welcome and at home during their time here. If you have an idea for an activity you’d like to see, or think of another way the MCR can support all of its members, get in touch!


Computing/Communication Officer: Jenny O’Dowd

Hi everyone, I am a first year Engineering PhD student working on a cancer metastasis model for therapeutic discovery.

This year I am really pleased to be your communications officer as I love MEdwards and our amazing and welcoming MCR team and hope to help keep things running smoothly. I am in charge of looking after the MCR website and hopefully the Instagram too so let me know if you have any ideas or if you just fancy a chat.


Social Secretaries

    • Ali West

Hi, I’m Ali! I’m an MPhil candidate in Public Policy at the Department of Politics and International Studies, where I focus on matters of election security and tech regulation. My background is in political research, and I’m passionate about elections — left unchecked, I can talk about them for hours! In my spare time, I’m part of the Medwards boat club and am always on the lookout for a new book recommendation, travel tip, or recipe to try.As one of your MCR social secretaries, I’m excited to help plan events that serve everyone in our community, from craft sessions for families with kids to port and cheese after a formal. If you have an idea for an event you’d like to put on, please feel free to get in touch!


    • Becca Lynes

Hello! My name is Becca and I’m an MPhil student in Film and Screen Studies – my research proposal was on vomiting in film, but my main interest is in Virtual Reality and its potential for the future of filmmaking.My role will be to organise new arts events and college activities as well as helping with social events. If you have any cool ideas for things you want to get started in college, please feel free to get in touch!


    • Ivetty Estepan

Ivetty Estepan is an international student from the United States. At Cambridge, she is currently pursuing an MPhil in the Sociology of Marginality and Exclusion. Her time is oftentimes spent hanging out with friends or reading a provocative book engaging social theory. She is quite loud, so if you ever need to find her, just listen closely for her voice!

    • Tara Moulson

Hi friends! My name is Tara and I’m doing a one-year MPhil in Latin American Studies. My research focuses on the representation of forced disappearances in documentary film in Mexico, Spain and Chile – but I am super interested in all Latin American cinema and documentary. My hobbies include searching for and eating bagels (let me know if you find any good ones in Cambridge)!I am one of your four social secretaries and I look forward to planning exciting events at college that are not only fun but also accessible to as many students as possible. Even though it’s only been a few weeks I already feel at home and supported within this college and I hope we can create events that will make you all feel supported and at home too.

Welfare Officer: Emily Evans

Hello! My name is Emily, I’m an MPhil student in Political Thought and Intellectual History, and I look at how the economics discipline has changed over time (and how we can change it for the better!) A former Labour Party election organiser and campaigner at 38 Degrees, I love designing campaigns that makes people’s lives better.As welfare officer, I think there is lots we can do to reduce the stress of Cambridge and contribute to making Murray Edwards a supportive community. I have a few ideas – but I’d love to hear YOUR ideas so get in touch! But most importantly I am here to lend an ear, have a chat, and be by your side if you need me. No matter what you come up against this year, please get in touch if you need a helping hand.


BAME Officer: Boi Modungwa

Hello, my name is Boikanyo (but you can call me Boi), I am from an extremely hot, but very beautiful country called Botswana.I am an MPhil student studying Multidisciplinary Gender Studies and I am interested in feminist activism in the Global South & women’s political mobilisation, engagement and representation. As the BAME Officer, I hope to contribute towards creating an environment where Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students feel safe, heard, supported and able to fully and freely participate in college and academic life. This includes representing BAME students’ views, ideas and just having a chat in the MCR – so please feel free to contact me!


LGBT+ Officer: Lucy Rycroft-Smith

I have worked in mathematics education for over 10 years across primary, secondary and the Further Education sector. I have worked as a Head of Mathematics at a large comprehensive school in the UK, consulted in primary schools on mathematics for the most talented pupils, and worked for the Open University as an Associate Lecturer in Mathematics. I am an award-winning mathematics resource designer and a freelance writer, writing on education for the Guardian and the TES. I am the co-editor of Flip the System UK : A Teachers’ Manifesto (Routledge) with another book due out in 2019. I currently work in Communication and Research at Cambridge Mathematics.


Green Officer: Gráinne Hutton

Hi! I’m Gráinne Hutton, an MPhil student in Public Health here in Cambridge, and have always been quite a passionate advocate of environmental causes and sustainable living. In addition to Green Officer in the MCR at Murray Edwards, I am a subcommittee coordinator for Students for Global Health, and am working to bring an organisation called Healthy Planet to Cambridge to promote awareness of climate change and sustainability and how this can affect health and healthcare. Outside of Cambridge, I run a start-up on ethical clothing combatting the detrimental environmental and health effects created by the fast fashion industry.

General Members:

Anna Gibbons

Hi, I’m Anna – an MPhil student in Modern British History. Having just done my undergrad at Medwards, I am excited to get to know the graduate community and build on the connections within the college I made over my first three years. I love sport, so keep an eye out for some sporty themed activities!


Outgoing members

Immediate Past President 2017-18: Ellen Robertson 

I am a third year PhD student in social psychology. As a member of the Gender Development Research Centre, my dissertation focuses on a unique Albanian tradition where women may live as men. With my interest in gender it’s particularly exciting to be at Murray Edwards!


Immediate Past Vice-President 2017-18: Pallavi Panda
Hello everyone! I’m Pallavi, a second-year PhD student at the Department of Genetics. For my PhD research, I am broadly interested in studying the regulation of cell division, with particular focus on centrioles and centrosomes, using fruit flies as a model organism.