The MCR Committee


MCR President: Ellen Robertson

I am a third year PhD student in social psychology. As a member of the Gender Development Research Centre, my dissertation focuses on a unique Albanian tradition where women may live as men. With my interest in gender it’s particularly exciting to be at Murray Edwards! As president of the MCR Committee my role is to coordinate and organise the committee as a whole and support in whatever way necessary the events and support systems that the we put on. My intention is to work together with the committee and with the whole graduate student body in order to create a community where all of us can learn from each other and feel at home. Therefore I welcome all of the students to contact me for any reason so that the committee and I can address your questions/concerns/hopes/dreams!

MCR Vice-President: Pallavi Panda

Hello everyone! I’m Pallavi, a second-year PhD student at the Department of Genetics. For my PhD research, I am broadly interested in studying the regulation of cell division, with particular focus on centrioles and centrosomes, using fruit flies as a model organism. Putting aside the academic aspect, it is my pleasure to serve as the MCR Vice-President in our beautiful college! As the Vice-President, I extend my continuous support to the MCR President and the entire committee in all possible ways to ensure that we have a smooth-running MCR that aims to provide support for graduates in Murray Edwards College. I look forward to working with the MCR committee in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in college for all new graduates and those of us continuing on! You’re more than welcome to contact me if you have any queries and I’ll be glad to be of any help!

MCR Treasurer: Juliet Thompson                                                                      

Hello! I’m a first-year PhD student in the department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, focussing upon the fabrication and analysis julietof interfaces between superconducting and magnetically-ordered materials. This is part of a wider investigation into the field of superconducting spintronics: a potential high-speed, low-energy type of computing. In my spare time, I love watching and participating in sports, exploring new countries, and socialising with friends. As Treasurer, I look after the MCR’s finances, budget, and any other money-related matters. I also liaise termly with the college Finance Committee. I hope to ensure that the funds and resources available to the MCR are well managed, and used in the best way possible in order to aid and support our fantastic and diverse graduate community

Secretary: position vacant

Social Secretaries

position vacant – internal socials                                                                       

position vacant – external and inter-collegiate socials                         

position vacant – big events and the college bop                         

Ilma Bogdan – arts and academic socials                                                    

Hi, I am a PhD student in comparative religion and I will be one of ilmathe Social Secretaries during the upcoming academic year. The task of Social Secretaries is very simple: to entertain and make your life in Cambridge enjoyable. For that purpose, the four of us will organise as many and as diverse social events as possible to suit your every fancy. On my behalf, I will be particularly in charge of the Cambridge Art scene as well as academic events of note. Therefore, do expect from me invitations to Cambridge music festivals and theatrical performances along with trips to London to attend one of numerous artistic venues of the British capital!

Welfare Officer: position vacant                                                                

LGBT+ Officer: Helen Saunders                                                                                                                 

Hi, I’m Hel, and I’m a second-year PhD student in the Faculty of Law, looking at certain types of loan hel-piccontracts in the Court of Chancery in the seventeenth-century. No, really, it’s much more interesting than it sounds. As LGBT+ Officer, I support and represent any and all students who identify as LGBT+, and I also organise events of interest to both LGBT+ students and the wider college community on LGBT+ issues. When I’m not engaging in my research (which, if my supervisor is reading this, is never – honestly) I like zipping around Cambridge on my Vespa and playing my guitar.

Green Officer: position vacant                           

Computing/Communications Officer: Lisa Al-Faradzh

Hello! My name is Lisa, I am a second year PhD student at Modern and Medieval Languages, studying Early Modern rhetorical culture. Before coming to Cambridge I studied in Russia and France. I am interested in a bunch of things: playing the piano, reading philosophy and img_0264fiction, learning Latin and how to dance tango, meeting new people. This term I am also very determined to become a good rower – I hope to meet some of you on the river! As a computer officer I would like to take care of our MCR’s website and make us visible to each other through the web. I am convinced that at Murray Edwards I am among the most interesting people in the world and I wish to share this experience of living with you with the other people, be it our college’s fellows or prospective graduate students. If you have any suggestions related to our presence on the web or if you have some issues with the technical side of your college life, please, do contact me, I will be very happy to hear you.
                                                                                                                                                         General Member: Sarah Ward                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
I’m Sarah, a second year PhD student in Physics, studying the effects of nanostructure on dynamic fracture.  When I’m not breaking things in the lab, I enjoy baking, running and generally getting outdoors. As a General Mesarah-ward-photomber, I’m happy to muck in and help out wherever necessary, with whatever needs doing. The MCR is a fantastic community and I want to help build on that.

There’s an opportunity to focus the general member role on a particular area, and I’m keen to help those of us who live out of college (70% of graduate students) and anyone who may live out in the future. I lived out of college in my first year, and I currently live outside of Cambridge. I want to make sure that all members of the MCR can be actively involved and supported in issues that matter to them irrespective of where they live, so please do get in touch if you think I can help you.

General Member: position vacant     


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