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Student Welfare

Although university life is exciting, it can prove to be demanding and stressful for everyone. Work pressure, moving to a new city/country, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures are just a few things that can be worrying. This can often be difficult to manage alone, and can make it hard to focus on your work or enjoy Cambridge. If you ever find it hard to cope, and/or you find your personal health and welfare being negatively affected, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the following individuals, all of whom are more than willing to talk to you and support you:


Dr Juliet Foster

 Mrs Nicola Cavaleri

Dr Alex Piotrowski

Dr Rachel Polonsky

Dr Jenny Bavidge

Rosann Smith

Kanupriya Shara

Senior Tutor

Graduate Tutor

Graduate Tutor

Graduate Tutor

Graduate Tutor

Graduate Administrator

Porter’s Lodge

MCR Welfare Officer

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