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There are 8 en suite rooms along a corridor on the second floor of Paula Browne House. Each bedroom has fitted wardrobes with shelves, single bed, bedside table, desk, desk chair, easy chair and desk lamp. There is a small kitchen situated at the end of the corridor which has a fridge, kettle, toaster, induction hob and a microwave.

There is also the main kitchen on the ground floor which you share with all the residents of the Kaetsu centre. There is a cooker as well as a freezer which you can use. Next to the kitchen is the communal dining room. There is also laundry facilities situated in the basement which is coin operated. Or if you prefer you can use the laundry room which is card operated and is situated in the basement of Pearl House.

University of Cambridge Huntingdon Rd, Cambridge CB3 0DF, UK