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Murray Edwards Garden (MEG) is 14 acres in size and specialise in herbaceous plants with late summer displays of rare Salvias.  The white modern buildings provide a dramatic backdrop for exuberant banks of flowers. Not what you find in a typical Cambridge College, but rather a College of ‘concrete and flowers’.

History and Background

In 2007 MEG was awarded a Bronze Medal for our garden at Chelsea Flower Show. Over 40 volunteers were involved with the design, build and growing the plants for this highly decorative garden.

A  guerrilla film was made by the gardeners in 2010, Garden Stories, which shows how we garden for a College community (please ask for a copy if you are interested).

In 2011 MEG was one of the three Oxford and Cambridge Colleges included in the good Gardens Guide. The gardeners were commended for the way they work with the modern buildings and for the complexity of the garden.


The Garden is central to life at Murray Edwards College because it can be used by the Fellows and Students. All can pick the flowers, herbs and fruit from the orchard plus they can grow veggies in the allotments.


Twitter: @MurrayGarden

Facebook: Murray Edwards Garden

The Courts

There are a number of courts across college. The main court that College is centred around is Fountain Court. The library and bar as well as College walk ways look onto the court and it has been the perfect sport for musical performances of the choir due to the wonderful effects it has on sound! There is also Orchard Court where a couple of the New Hall Art Collection’s most prized sculptures stand – in Spring, the court is filled with the most beautiful flowers – a sight not to be missed!

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