MCR Travel Grants

Each academic year the MCR Committee offers small Travel Grants for research purposes, intended to help with accommodation and/or travel costs. All members of the MCR are entitled to apply for one grant per year, irrespective of the level of expenses incurred; awards are made on the basis of greatest need.

Each applicant can only submit one application and incomplete applications will be disregarded so please make sure all relevant documentation is provided before submitting.

Here is the MCR Travel Grants application form.  Please, contact the  MCR Treasurer ( should you have any queries.

Grant Assessment Criteria:

  • Extent to which the trip is essential to the course of study
  • Cost incurred and shortfall from other funding sources
  • In a conference, whether or not the student is actively presenting their work
  • Some claims for trips to the UK and EU have been scaled down by an amount to ensure we can support the largest number of applicants, due to the volume and quality of applications received.

Each claim must be made on the application form, and supported by a letter from your Supervisor (Graduate Students) or Director of Studies (Mature Undergraduates) as well as a letter of acceptance from a conference organiser or a letter of confirmation from a supervisor/DOS for fieldwork. The deadline of submission is the end of April, the exact date and person to deliver to will be announced via email.


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