Freshers’ Welcome Events 2017

Welcome new graduates – we are delighted to have you join us!

Here is the 2017 Freshers’ Welcome Programme.

In addition, please check your e-mails regularly and watch out for College and MCR e-mails.

Please also consider joining our facebook group ‘Murray Edwards Graduates 2017/2018‘ for all current and new College graduates. This is a great venue to meet the other graduates in College and to post any questions you might have at this point.

Please also have a look at our *new* MCR Handbook 2017, which provides a wealth of useful information.

A brief note on academic gowns:

Unfortunately we do not sell used gowns through the MCR, but you’re welcome to get in touch with current/past members of the MCR (who might like to sell you their gown) on last year’s facebook group. If you don’t have facebook, please get in touch with the MCR Committee so that an e-mail can be sent to the graduate community for you.

If you are confused about the kind of gown you need, please have a look at the Cambridge Graduate Union’s gown guide:

Gowns can be bought and/or hired from the Graduate Union at a reduced price. Have a look at their website here. Of course, Ede&Ravenscroft and Ryder&Amies, the big Cambridge stores for academic attire, offer a variety of gown purchase and hire options as well.


More Freshers’ Events and Information

Your College Moodle pages (for up-to-date information for new graduates by Murray Edwards College, you will receive access details in your College e-mails):

CUSU Freshers’ information and event pages (website by the Cambridge University Student Union for new students):

iCUSU International Freshers’ Week (Freshers’ week organized by the Cambridge University Student Union for International Students):

Cambridge Glossary provided by the Graduate Union (GU) (Ever wondered what a “plodge”, a “bop” or a “boatie” are? Here are your answers):

GU introduction to Cambridge graduate life: