Welcome to Murray Edwards! Each week, the Murray Edwards MCR committee will share some of the opportunities and events coming up around Cambridge.

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A full rundown of all college run freshers events can be found here.

Events- Academic and Professional

Where Have All The Women Gone – A Leak In The Science Pipeline-  Tues 9th of Oct, 6:00pm-6:45pm 

Professor Adina Paytan of University California Santa Cruz.
Murray Edwards College- Vivian Stewart Room (VSR).

 The representation of women in STEM (_Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics_) matters. Diversity in the workforce contributes to creativity, productivity, innovation, and success. The STEM fields in general and Earth Sciences in particular have long been plagued by the under-representation of women. Men tend to dominate in the field, and the numbers of women simply aren’t growing the way one would hope.
Although women do earn just over 40% of the bachelor’s degrees in the field, they accounted for just 20% of faculty in 2015. The troubling disparity has been attributed to a number of factors; including deeply embedded culture based psychological barriers and failures by elementary and high schools to spark girls’ interests in math and science. In colleges, the reasons for high attrition rates of women from STEM majors often cite insufficient support, and a lack of female role models. At the department, college, or institutional level emerging research suggest that a “chilly climate” environment where gender stereotypes, bias and inequality prevail. Lack of mentoring and supportive policies (particularly for work–life balance) also contribute to the “leaky pipeline” a metaphor for the greater likelihood for women to leave STEM fields at every point, from recruitment to attrition after graduation; because of a significant amount of barriers. Institutional changes in policy and structure including increasing awareness and training to reducing bias, along with strategies like implementing mentoring programs and fostering social accountability, are some of the possible solutions. While some progress has been made and we are on the right track there is still a distance to the mark line and mountains to climb along the way.

Events- Social

Board Games Night at Churchill- Mon 8 Oct, 7:30pm

Meet at the MCR at 7:35 to walk over together

Hills college bar crawl- Fri 12 Oct, tbc

Careers and Volunteering

Edible Garden

This community garden project is open to all. We’re currently looking for volunteers along with a second co-coordinator who can promote the project and help train volunteers — no prior experience is needed.

All plant-lovers (or keen beans!), apply here: https://www.cambridgehub.org/activities/edible-garden!

Cambridge Medtech Foundation Inaugural Innovation Programme

Interested with medical technologies and entrepreneurship?
Want to learn how to develop solutions to real healthcare problems?
Want to build relationships with students in different disciplines?
Cambridge Medtech Foundation are running their own inaugural Innovation Programme across Michaelmas and Lent this year. Small teams of students will compete to design technological solutions to real problems facing NHS patients. Students are supported via our series of workshops, designed to give you the skills needed to design, develop and market your very own piece of medical technology.

Come to the information evening this Wednesday (10th)/Saturday (13th) to hear more about the event!

To learn more, visit the website:

To be the first to know when applications open, like the Facebook page www.facebook.com/CamMedTech

Cambridge Consulting Network- Deadline: Mon 15th Oct, 2pm

Interested in getting more experience in consultancy, developing your skills and working with others in an engaging project? Michaelmas term is the perfect time to get started. This term there are seven exciting Flagship projects for student consultants to work on.
Apply now to become a Consultant for a Flagship Project, and join a team to generate high-calibre solutions for clients ranging from startups to industry leading companies!

Alternatively, if you’re just getting to know consulting, or don’t have as much time to commit, then you might want to try out as a Consultant for CCN’s Insight Programme – a 4 week consulting project that has half the time horizon of the Flagship projects, but promises the same intensity and rewards.

And for those who have already tried their hand at consulting, it might be time to make the next step up – in leading a group of consultants as an Engagement Manager for a Flagship Project or Insight Programme.

The Flagship Projects begin on Sun 21st October with a mandatory launch event.

The Insight Programme begins on Tue 23rd October with a mandatory launch event.

Please be aware that the projects will require a time commitment of 5-10 hours per week, though this may differ according to project.

A full breakdown of projects and application info can be found on the website: https://cambridgeconsultingnetwork.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e542299a87b49e7bc34a6683b&id=43690225ef&e=4cd8a3cbfa 

If you have any questions please email Clara at: clara.vanuffelen@cambridgeconsultingnetwork.com.

If you would like to run an event please fill out the form to send your ideas and any requests to the committee