Welcome to Murray Edwards MCR

This site aims to provide information for all current and prospective graduate students of Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge.

All graduate students at Murray Edwards are automatically members of the Middle Combination Room (MCR). College lectrices, trainee librarians and undergraduate members in their fourth year of study at Murray Edwards are also affiliated to the MCR. As MCR members, you can enjoy use of the Room on the ground floor of Canning & Eliza Fok House. There is a varied social calendar, from formal events to nights in the Dome to a summer BBQ in the gardens. Each October, we hold a week of welcoming events as most new students arrive at that time. But no matter when you arrive, how long you are here for and what your ambitions are afterwards, we hope that the friendship and community of the MCR will be an important part of your Cambridge College life.

The MCR committee is an elected group of volunteers who run social events, provide support to various aspects of postgraduate life at Murray Edwards, and represent graduate student views in the College and University.

Formal Hall Menus: Jan 21st – Feb 7th

Formal Hall – Tuesday, Jan 21st

Formal Hall (Burns Night Menu!) – Tuesday, Jan 28th

Formal Hall – Tuesday, Feb 4th

Fomal Hall – Tuesday, Feb 7th

Cafeteria Menus: Jan 17th – Jan 19th

Cafeteria Menu – Jan 17th Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Jan 19th Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menus: Dec 2nd – Dec 6th

Cafeteria Menu – Dec 2nd Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Dec 3rd Lunch

Cafeteria Menu – Dec 4th Lunch

Cafeteria Menu – Dec 5th Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Dec 6th Lunch + Dinner

Christmas Super Hall Menus – Dec 3rd and 4th

XMas Super Hall (Christmas Menu!) – Tuesday, Dec 3rd

XMas Super Hall (Christmas Menu!) – Wednesday, Dec 4th

Formal Hall Menu – Nov 26th

Formal Hall (Thanksgiving Menu!) – Tuesday, Nov 26th

Cafeteria Menus: Nov 18th – Nov 24th

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 18th Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 19th Lunch

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 20th Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 21st Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 22nd Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 24th Lunch + Dinner

Formal Hall Menu – Nov 19th

Formal Hall – Tuesday, Nov 19th

Cafeteria Menus: Nov 13th – Nov 17th

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 13th Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 14th Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 15th Lunch + Dinner

Cafeteria Menu – Nov 17th Lunch + Dinner

Formal Hall Menu – Nov 12th

Formal Hall – Tuesday, Nov 12th

Minutes of the MCR committee meeting 16th October 2013

2013-10-16 Minutes